Modern Modest by RiaMiranda


17 Maret 2020, by SenayanCity

Presenting the Inspired Collection of Balinese Weaving Fabrics
Jakarta, March 13, 2020 – Senayan City presents the Modern Modest stage for the second time. This year, Senayan City's modest fashion brand RiaMiranda presents works that are always awaited by loyal customers. The fashion show on Fashion Nation XIV Edition became the first moment to show the ‘Dayu collection’. 
“Senayan City Fashion Nation XIV Edition presents the iconic and trendy Modern Modest stage, awaited by modest fashion enthusiasts. Seeing the development of modest wear trends, Modern Modest this year is in collaboration with RiaMiranda, a designer who has been attached to the hearts of modest clothing lovers in Indonesia. Also, the familiarity that has been established previously through the presence of the 10-year pop-up booth RiaMiranda works exclusively in Senayan City, so it's perfect to collaborate again on Fashion Nation stage. Specifically, the 'Dayu' collection will be presented specifically and is expected to meet the expectations of those who present as new inspiration in dressing" said Halina as Leasing and Marketing Communications Director of Senayan City.
Talking further, Ria Miranda, the designer, feels happy to be able to re-participate in the Fashion Nation XIV Edition this time. "We are very happy to get a fashion show at the iconic Fashion Nation XIV Edition event in Senayan City. As a place for local designers to showcase their best work, Fashion Nation also always presents a new concept every year. In my opinion, this stage is a very inspiring fashion lover of the homeland and young people as fashion performers to continue working. On this special occasion, I presented a collection of 'Dayu' which for the first time appeared on the fashion show stage. Usually,  my collection is identical to the Minang tradition, but this year I picked up inspiration from other Indonesian beauties, Balinese woven fabrics, which have their own uniqueness” explained by Ria Miranda. Dayu, which means beautiful and used to be a calling for female weavers in Bali. This collection is inspired by Balinese woven Gringsing fabrics. Identical to the RiaMiranda collection which is full of pattern play, this time the pattern treats using a Balinese style with a geometric perspective, like a rectangular loom, with thread lines inside when making weaving. There are also box motifs and parallelograms combined with Balinese gringsing fabric motif ornaments. A feminine style looks and a little formal look will be dominant in this collection, with a blend of colors dominated by gold, terracotta, sky blue, mint, sunkist and cinnamon. The silhouette of the clothing tends to be feminine as seen from the flowy, loose cutting to A line impression.
"For the choice of clothes, there are blouse, dress, tunic, and scarf too. Ethnic nuance will be thicker in this Dayu collection. The highlighted message is more about a process and patience in traveling life's reality journey. Like the story of the female weaver in Bali, who created woven fabrics with patience and accuracy so as to produce beautiful works. Patience becomes a phase of reality that must be lived in one's life journey and is a form of readiness and resilience to obtain results that are better than we expect, "added Ria Miranda about the meaning of the Dayu collection. Further information and a full schedule of shows and e-invitations can be accessed through the Senayan City website at and the official Instagram account @senayancity with the hashtag #SCFNXIV #SCFashionNation.

*Courtesy photos from Sweet Escape 

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