1. What is the SCX Iconic Member?

SCX Iconic Member privilege programme is the first step to experience Senayan City’s renowed ultimate shopping experience with cardless rewards system launched on 21 September 2016 with the following new features:

  • A virtual membership cardless  that help you more convenience to get rewarded while shopping at Senayan City. It’s available on your smartphone and replaces the physical Infinite Member Card.
  • A new face of Senayan City membership with exceptional & extra rewards on your special moment and festivity.
  • Experience redeeming points anytime, anywhere on mobile phone.
  • Online membership registration with no minimum spending.
  • Active SCX Iconic Member online account
  • Customize SCX Iconic Member profile
  • Check past spending and redemption history.
  • SCX Iconic Member is a lifetime membership ( Will be automatically delete if there’s no transaction in two years)

2. Eligibility require for SCX Iconic Member:

  1. Get your SCX Iconic Member for FREE by online registration or our customer service desk.
  2. Upgrade your tier to virtual SCX 2.0 cardless (gold rose card) for minimum purchase of Rp.30.000.000,- (thirty million rupiah) in 1 (one) month.
  3. All participant must be at least 18 years old  and above on the date they sign up for the SCX Iconic Member programme.
  4. Indonesian citizen - providing copy of valid ID/SIM/Passport and KITAS (only for foreigner residing in Indonesia.
  5. Fill up and sign the application. You are required to provide us with current, accurate, truthful and complete information about yourself during the registration process and to keep records with us current and up-to-date. You agree that you shall be solely responsible for all consequences of providing any inaccurate, incomplete and/or insufficient information. In the event that we determine or have reason to believe that the information which you have provided to us is not current, is inaccurate, or is incomplete in any way or that you have provided us with false or misleading registration information, we reserve the right to either suspend or terminate your Membership.
  6. The following are not eligible to become SCX Iconic member:
    • All employees Senayan City and their immediate family (parents, husband/wife, brother, sister and children).
    • All owner and staff tenants Senayan City and their immediate family (parents, husband/wife, brother, sister and children).
    • All travel agent , agency and other institute enrolled as a member are not eligible.

3. How to earn SCX Points?

  • SCX Iconic Member will be granted an equivalent of 1 (one) point for every spending of Rp. 500.000 (five hundred rupiah) at Senayan City shopping Centre.
  • Senayan city reserves the right to reject any invalid receipt(s).


  1. Receipt of applicable is the original receipt or cash register receipt with letterhead, seal and store name at Senayan City.
  2. Duplicate receipts which is already in use, copy or corrections and changes are considered invalid.
  3. Special receipts for Garuda Indonesia tenant will be considered valid if there is a signature of the teller and include the reference number of tickets already purchased
  4. For Garuda Indonesia tenant receipts over Rp.50.000.000 (fifty million rupiah) will do verification process with minimum 7 (seven) working days and point will be input after the validation process is completed
  5. Point can be earned within 1 (one) day upon the receipt(s) date by showing the original receipt(s). Valid for accumulated receipts every Rp.500.000,- (five hundred rupiah).
  6. Receipt is valid only for retail tenants in Senayan City and not eligible for the following pariticipant:
    • Exhibition from organized by non Senayan City tenants,.
    • Money changer
    • ATM or any bank transaction
    • Purchase tenants gift voucher
    • Telecommunications bill payment and others
    • Membership payment such as Fitness First.
  7. Shopping Receipt should not be given to another shopper for earn point and shoppers not  allowed to collect receipts from other shoppers
  8. Senayan City are not responsible for any lost receipts.
  9. senayan city reserves the right to reject any purchase receipts that are not in accordance with the applicable provisions above.         

4. When to earn SCX Points?

  • Point can be earned within 1 (one) day upon the receipt(s) date by showing the original receipts(s) to:
    • SCX lounge at lower ground floor (opposite ATM centre).
    • Customer service counters located in Main and South Lobby.

Note. Senayan city reserves the right to reject any invalid receipt(s).

5. Can I earn SCX Points for my past receipts?

SCX Points can be awarded for the receipts submitted on the same day of purchase.

6. If I have receipts that are given to me, can I use it to earn SCX Points?

SCX Points can only be awarded for your personal purchases. If any member is found using receipts other than their own purchases to earn/accumulate points, Senayan City reserves the right to terminate their membership.

7. How do I check my SCX Points balance?

Members can check their points via Mobile Web, so you can check in everywhere and anytime on

8. How if my virtual cardless lost?

Visit our SCX Lounge at Lower Ground floor or get your new cardless on

9. Can I transfer my SCX Points to another member?

No. Transferring of SCX Points between members is not allowed.

10. What is the validity of my SCX Points? Is there a cut-off date for redemption of points?

SCX Points period will expire every 4 months. For example, if customer starts the membership on September 2017, the validity is until December 31st 2017. If the customer joins the membership on December, thepoints also will expire on December 31st 2017.

11. How long does it take for the SCX Points to be updated?

SCX Points are awarded instantaneously upon updating of spend via the Concierge.

12. Are the points can be redeemed for more than 1 (one) kind of gift?

Yes, as long as sufficient number of points and while stocks last.

13. Are the points already redeemed with a gift can be refunded or canceled?

No. Gifts that have been redeemed can not be refunded, canceled or replaced with other prizes.

14. Will my points lost if I replace the card?

No, the points will be calculated in your new digital SCX card

15. What are the benefits to sign up SCX Iconic Member?

  • Lavishing deals from brand participants.
  • Instant & surprises rewards.
  • Extra points on special moment and festive season.
  • Exclusive invitation.
  • SCX Lounge.
  • Free parking*
  • Get double point rewards in special moment*



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