Indonesian Taste at Senayan City

Indonesian Taste at Senayan City


22 November 2018 , by SenayanCity

August in Senayan City will be marked with the theme Glorify Indonesia. Here are the 7 highlights of Indonesian taste that can easily be found in Senayan City. From appetizer, main course, dessert to traditional snacks.

  • JJ Royal Bistro

    Got an appetite to enjoy Indonesian food, but your buddies would like Western / Europian food? JJ Royal Bistro is a perfect place to enjoy all you want in one place. As their tagline said: ‘our favorite food, with our favorite people’, bring along your buddies to enjoy the lunch or dinner here.  Their Indonesian delicacies serve a many kind of Indonesian tasty food : Nasi Timbel, Nasi  Bakar Merah, Garang Asem or Sop Konro. Yummy!      

    Location: FLOOR LG – 06B1  || Phone: (021) 2932 9261-2

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  • Putu Made

Bringing Balinese cuisine to the capital city, Putu Made house a menu full of Balinese flavors. Find Bebek Betutu (whole duck cooked in rich betutu sauce and grilled with smoky sweet coconut aroma) and Basa Genep (a rich Balinese sauces with galangal, turmeric, ginger, and kaempferia galanga or best known a sand ginger). Full range of meals from appetizer to dessert in traditional Balinese palate with modern serving.

Location: FLOOR 05 - 01  || Phone: (021) 7278 1291 / 7278 1519

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  • Remboelan

Using the tagline ‘Indonesian Soulfood’, Remboelan captures the real indonesian taste in a premium quality. Serving to you the speciality of dish from all over Indonesia, enjoy variants of Indonesian food in one place. Nasi Langgi, Bubur ayam Cianjur, Asem – asem Iga Puteri Solo, Perkedel Jagung Sambal Roa Gorontalo, Balado Dendeng Renyah Padang, Lontong Cap Gomeh and many more to stimulate your tastebud.

Location: FLOOR 05 – 23 || Phone: 021 – 7278 1591 / 021 - 7278 1593

  • Kafe Betawi

    Missing the taste of comfort traditional food? Kafe Betawi is cooking the nature’s best ingredients and serves the Betawi-style of food on your plate. From variants of nasi goreng to nasi uduk, variants of soto to oxtail soup, up to tempe and tahu mendoan, feel free to choose the perfect combination to fill the empty tummy.

    Location: FLOOR LG – 78,79  || Phone: (021) 7278 1626 / 7278 1272

  • Waroeng Koffie Batavia

    They have succesfully brought up the local taste of coffee to mall, and feel free to enjoy the coffee with the main course. How about we suggest you to enjoy a nice sip of signature Koffie Peranakan Nasi Goreng Batavia. Super combination to grab a lunch today.

    Location: FLOOR LG  || Phone: (021) 7278 1376 / 1377

  • Dapoer Podjok

    Feeling an ambience of warung makan in the mall, Dapoer Podjok serves you a nice home-cooked style meals. Taste their Ayam Bakar / Goreng or Iga Sapi Bakar or maybe Pecel Lele with sambal. Accompany the menu with sayur asem, you’ll miss the home right away.

    Location: FLOOR LG – 09B  || Phone: (021) 7278 1508


  • Monami Bakery

    Having been founded in 1976, Monami Bakery is well known for its Indonesian traditional snacks. They have around 20 traditional snacks of 60 menu to be displayed, such as lemper (savory glutinous rice snack filled with shredded chicken), getuk, pastel, klepon and many others.  Dessert never tastes this best.

    Location: FLOOR LG – 09B  || Phone: (021) 7278 1508


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