30 November 2020, by SenayanCity

In collaboration with Senayan City and Jakarta Fashion Week, Masari and MASARISHOP.COM present the selections of six well-known designers. Discover everyday, SJYP, Andersson Bell, YCH, AJE, and TOTON, which each of them present their distinct collections ranging from daywear to evening wear. The fashion runway can be watched virtually on Jakarta Fashion Week 2021 on Sunday, November 29, 2020, starting from 4 – 4.30 PM via live stream at or Senayan City website. All collections showcased will be available at Masari Senayan City and MASARISHOP.COM.

“Senayan City is very excited with the fashion runway presented by MASARI, which discover the collections from 6 top-notch designers. The collections from Indonesia’s well-known brand up to the global brand are presented exclusively on the runway. Fashion enthusiasts are able to purchase the collections on MASARI store at Senayan City or online purchase at MASARISHOP.COM,” said Mrs. Halina, as Leasing & Marketing Communications Director Senayan City.


Co-founded by Ari Seputra, Sari N. Seputra, and Michelle Tjokrosaputro, everyday is the sister brand of MAJOR MINOR relaunched in August 2020, as an answer to this year’s issue on sustainability. Several looks draw inspiration from Pierre Boncompain, a French painter who was born in Provence. His works often focus on the pleasures and simplicities of life, with a Mediterranean perspective. Simultaneously, two looks are part of the brand’s latest collaboration project with Yogyakarta- based graffiti artist Tuyuloveme. Fused together with everyday’s patterns are Tuyuloveme’s signature characters and symbols: Tuyul, Graffiti, Flowers, and Stars.

To celebrate a carefree and zen approach to life, the brand offers relaxed pieces that allow for ease of movement, maximum comfort, and versatility. Styles range from maxi dresses to oversize shirts, and kimonos. They showcase contemporary interpretations of Indonesian Ikat, batik Kawung and batik Mega Mendung. Everyday offers a varied color palette – from neutral white to bright and bold multi-colored patterns. A brand with a sustainable mission, all designs use natural fabrics: Tencel and rayon. A curated selection of everyday’s collections will be available at MASARI by December 2020.

Korean designer duo Steve J. and Yoni P. launched SJYP in summer 2015. The Seoul-based brand is known for its 90’s-style denim interpretations, their signature includes distressed denim inspired by Korean street style with unique cut-offs in various shades of blue. SJYP fresh, playful, and youthful aesthetic has won over actresses and K-pop stars. For this Pre-Fall and Fall 2020 collections, SJYP brings an experimental approach to their fabric selections. Mix plaid and sequins into deconstructed denim jackets and skirts, high-shine leather track pants, and mismatched materials on utilitarian-inspired army jumpers and sweatshirts.

Creative Director Dohun Kim was born in South Korea, he majored in fashion design, fashion business, acting, and producing act. He always tries to make a novelty from the contrasting of two absolute different objects and tries to make them look great with a good balance. Launched in 2014, Andersson Bell, the brand is inspired by the contrasting street Korean culture and Scandinavian aesthetics. The timeless silhouette and clean lines with a utilitarian twist are their approaches embracing subtle eclecticism. This F/W 2020 collection was inspired by attractive American singer-songwriter Janis Joplin’s hippie style in the Monterey Pop Festival held in 1967. Playing with structures, deconstructed tailored blazers, colorful cable-knit sweaters, paneled trousers, and pleated midi dresses are some of the highlights from their much-anticipated collection.

YCH was launched in 2016 by creative director Choon Ho Yoon, the designer has gained his title as a young designer of the year by CFDK awards. The Seoul-based brand is known for its distinct style, mixing street-punk aesthetics with modern femininity. YCH has gained global exposure for dressing up major K-pop stars such as BTS and Blackpink. Season after season, YCH collections are often playful, balancing the retro and the contemporary with interesting seasonal prints. For the Fall/winter 2020 collection, titled ‘Dignity of the Office’, the collection gives a fashionable twist to the classic office attire. Silhouettes are kept basic and formal, classic office wear fabrics such as wool and cotton in a neutral palette of grey, brown, khaki are seen throughout the collection. Breaking the stereotypes of office wear, classic coats and suits are made with hidden details such as cut-outs on black tailored suits, abstract printed tops, and corset belts on top of a white dress.

Founded in 2008 by best friends Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest, AJE pays homage to Australia’s quintessential coastal and urban style through a curated mix of effortless essentials and statement occasion pieces. AJE collection promotes raw beauty and effortless cool through the use of traditional artisanal techniques, hand-loomed fabrics, and quality of design. AJE Fall/Winter 2020 titled as Impermanence, inspired by the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy, to find beauty in the imperfections, where the old are welcomed as new. The collection is found at the intersection of femininity and elegance, with details such as asymmetric drapery, voluminous sleeves, cut-outs on evening dresses. Hardware in resin, metal, and wood are made handmade as ornaments into their sustainably-sourced collection. Bold patterns and color-blocking are found as AJE fresh takes on transitional dresses.

Toton Januar and Haryo Balitar started TOTON in 2012, the brand aspires to highlight Indonesia’s natural beauty and diverse culture through fashion. Each collection offers an exotic twist of artistry and wear-ability, juxtaposing the idea of feminine dressing with menswear-inspired cuts.

This collection is inspired by the natural disasters that keep happened, which is turned into the basic ideas from TOTON F/W 2020 collection. Reference of Aerial-view photographs of oil palm plantations between the tropical forests of Sumatra and Kalimantan underlie the composition of embroidery on organza, the result of the development of a design by TOTON. This composition is also mixed with the traditional batik motif, Truntum, which is commonly used by the parents of the bride and groom in the traditional Surakarta wedding procession, as a symbol of the hope of love that continues to grow and develop. Truntum motif modifications can also be found in the form of beaded decorations in several collections and accessories such as shirts, hats and bags. Earrings and brooches made of wood carvings, a peplum belt, and long gloves, were visualized as a form of flora and complemented this F/W 2020 collection. The remaining pieces of denim manufacturing waste from various factories in Jakarta are put back together into new clothing that is in line with the recycle & sustainability theme that has been working since 2017 by TOTON to become a more environmental-friendly brand.

(Image source: Jakarta Fashion Week)

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