13 November 2020, by SenayanCity

During the transitional Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) period, the DKI Jakarta Government limited a number of social activities in an effort to reduce transmission of the Covid-19 virus. However, restaurants and shopping centers (malls) can still operate to fulfill basic needs, such as shopping for basic necessities and food take-away. Responding to this condition, Senayan City with the Masker Untuk Indonesia movement has collaborated again to provide two vending machines supported by ATLAS, a startup with a mission to redefine the shopping experience in Indonesia. Through this smart vending machine, it is hoped that the public will become more aware that masks are a basic necessity and can now be obtained more easily in malls.

"We continue to strive to increase public awareness to wear masks as well as share with those in need. Now that masks have become part of everyday life and easily accessible through ATLAS's smart vending machines, we want to make it easier for people not only to protect themselves but also others,” said Kevin Osmond, a volunteer for the Mask movement for Indonesia.

Previously, masks from this movement could only be obtained through online orders, namely the website and the marketplace. Seeing that malls are also a destination for meeting basic needs such as shopping, Masker untuk Indonesia also partnered with Senayan City and ATLAS to provide smart vending machines as an option for accessing masks. Besides making it easier, it is also to increase awareness that masks are one of the essential needs in the midst of a pandemic.

In the midst of the transitional PSBB in Jakarta, Senayan City has strictly enforced the Covid-19 prevention protocol, such as using a mask, checking body temperature, using hand sanitizers, keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter, UV-C sterilizer for shopping bags to touchless experiences such as in the elevator area and parking system. The hope is that with the added access to cloth masks, visitors will not only get access to the availability of cloth masks but can also move together to restrain the spread rate by contributing to the campaign of BUY 1 SHARE 3 to others program, which is every order of 1 mask, the order is at the same time sharing 3 masks to people who need it.

"Senayan City really supports the Mask movement for Indonesia in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and helps distribute masks to others in need. Apart from collaborating in making mask designs, Senayan City also provides other support for masks for Indonesia by providing an area for vending machines to make it easier for visitors to get 3-layer cloth masks during this transitional PSBB period. In addition, the presence of this vending machine is also expected to increase the awareness of visitors to keep wearing masks in public areas to maintain common health. These vending machines can be found in the Crystal Lagoon area, on the LG floor,” explained Jaclyn Halim, Leasing & Mkt. Comm. GM Senayan City.

The increase in positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia is a special concern for volunteers from this movement. Virus prevention efforts must continue to be encouraged, the launch of vending machines is a mask initiative for Indonesia in providing cloth masks quickly and easily and avoiding excessive interaction with other people because of the concept of self-service transactions, only takes 30 seconds, and supports the transaction system. digital with a QR-based payment method.

“ATLAS is on a mission to redefine the safe, fast and fun shopping experience. In collaboration with Masks for Indonesia, we would like to introduce the smart ATLAS vending machine, at the same time, together with all parties, to provide easy access to masks for the wider community to reduce the level of spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, especially when the level of spread of the virus is still not can be controlled well,” said ATLAS Co-Founder, Archie Carlson.

Since the beginning of last October, the cloth mask material provided in Masker untuk Indonesia has been upgraded according to WHO standards, namely 3-layer cloth masks with materials according to their function and purpose. The inner layer is 100% cotton, the middle layer is spunbond, and the outer layer is made of synthetic material with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. Until now, the Mask vending machine for Indonesia provides 18 designs of cloth masks the collaboration of artists, Micro, Small, Medium Enterprise and a number of Indonesian celebrities.

The movement from Masker untuk Indonesia departs from their concern to break the chain of spreading the corona virus and supports the government's recommendation to wear non-medical cloth masks. Until November 2, 2020 movement

Masker untuk Indonesia have distributed more than 631,000 cloth masks to people in need. Through distribution partners, donated masks have spread to Central Java, East Java, North Sumatra, NTT, North Maluku, and West Papua.

“For sure we cannot work alone. The success of our mission requires assistance and support from partners, collaborators, government and all Indonesian people. Through collaboration, we can expand our reach to invite everyone to wear and share cloth masks, "Kevin added.

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