23 Maret 2020, by SenayanCity

As one of the largest media and event sneakers in Indonesia, the Urban Sneaker Society successfully brought the spirit of three eras, in the street wear collection that they exhibited at the Fashion Nation XIV Edition event.

Halina, as the Leasing and Marketing Communications Director of Senayan City, said that this was a continuation of good collaboration between Senayan City and the Urban Sneakers Society. “This innovation deserves a thumb up because for the first time, Urban Sneakers Society is presenting something different and iconic. This OOTD style for hype-fashion enthusiasts comes from head-to-toe, which is certainly an inspiration.”

During their first fashion show, Urban Sneaker Society presents many local brands. Sayed Muhammad as CEO of the Urban Sneaker Society claimed to be enthusiastic about the quality of the products carried by these brands. “Seeing the quality that they displayed, I feel that people are no longer seeing local brand as “just a local brand” anymore.  All brands involved in today's fashion show have enough quality to be able to compete with international brands. This is also what we want to emphasize at this fashion show, where we pair the Indonesian brands with international brands in one sequence.”

Supported by well-known brands such as Converse, Puma, Cashless, Hattaco, Cosmonauts, Admision, Nindito, Poison Street, and Seji, the fashion show from Urban Sneaker Society carries the big theme ‘The Better Past’. This theme was raised to discuss the relationship between popular culture and street wear styles that exist in advanced eras. The three eras highlighted in the fashion show last night also took on a different theme, with the ‘70s with the theme of The Rise of Anarchy, the ‘80s with the theme of Retrowave, and the ‘90s with the theme of Nostalgia.

In addition to the varied themes, each sequence is also represented by a different brand and muse. Project Manager of this fashion show, Monica Esther admitted that the concept of the three eras was unique, because her team believed that street wear was something that could not be separated from the popular culture of an era. “We adopt the concept of the three eras, as a form of education for our visitors. We believe that street wear is a concept that was born from the popular culture of an era. Street wear is not a style that occurs randomly, they are a form of representation of the way of life and struggle in an era. Through this fashion show, we hope that the visitors who attend can better appreciate the concept of street wear in the modern era. Because when this era ends, the current street wear concept will become one of the historical mediums of this era.”

Besides showing off their street wear collection, the Urban Sneaker Society fashion show last night was also enlivened by music performances from Tamara Dai and Monica Karina.

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