SMW Jakarta 2019 Officially Opens to Discuss the Future of Social Media


13 November 2019, by SenayanCity

Phenomena, ideas, innovations and new insights on social media will be thoroughly discussed in workshops, conferences, and community meet-ups that bring together social media experts, brand strategists, influencers, as well as communication and social activists.

JAKARTA, November 12, 2019 – Social Media Week (SMW) Jakarta 2019 officially opened today. Titled “Stories: With Great Influence Comes Great Responsibility,” the fourth SMW event is a platform to share information and hold conferences on ideas, innovations and the best insights about social media and technology in the ever-changing nature of business, people and culture worldwide. The topics presented are expected to be useful for the audience – as users, media creators, developers, marketers, influencers or brand strategists in creative and technology industries – to get the latest insights and concepts on the development of both social media and technology.

The opening of SMW Jakarta 2019 was held at Senayan City for the third time. The opening ceremony featured speakers from the event organizer, supporters, and social media enthusiasts, namely Social Media Week Jakarta Chairman and PT Merah Cipta Media CEO Antonny Liem, PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk (BCA) Senior Vice President Norisa Saifuddin, Senayan City Marketing & Leasing GM Jaclyn Halim, and UN Environment Ambassador and Let Elephants Be Elephants Founder Nadya Hutagalung.

Social Media Week Jakarta Chairman and PT Merah Cipta Media CEO Antonny Liem said that there were several important topics set to be discussed in the event, namely Social Media & Society, The Future of Brands, and Influence Equation, which all relate to how we live in an integrated and interconnected era, how we utilize technology to reach our audience and consumers, and how far an ‘influence’ may affect how we do business. “Social media is now considered to a part of all aspects of people’s lives. Even the way we socialize and do business is greatly influenced by social media. The right use of social media in society and business will impact others, depending on the content shared to their followers, whether it is educational, positive, inspirational, informative and useful, or negative and misleading,” said Antonny.

Therefore, Antonny stressed the need for netizens to be aware of how to properly behave and be ethical in society when using social media, the relation between social media and influencers, and whether the content influencers share is relevant and appropriate for their followers. SMW Jakarta 2019 will address and discuss various aspects and questions about social media and digital influence. “People are expected to increase their awareness and responsibility with regard to content dissemination by educating, guiding, and growing, while also sharing and acting, as this is a shared responsibility,” added Antonny.

According to BCA Senior Vice President Norisa Saifuddin, SMW Jakarta is a means to see how digital and social media can support business. In this current era, businesses are expected to constantly create new trends that are one step ahead, seek opportunities, and take breakthrough steps by following emerging trends, one of which is esports. “Our fourth time participating at SMW Jakarta shows that BCA continues to follow and utilize the latest social networking platforms, such as Esports, and observe its development in the future,” she said.

Senayan City Jakarta Marketing & Leasing GM Jaclyn Halim sees the SMW event as a meeting place for ideas and insights on digital, brand, and other aspects that may improve business in line with consumer trends and behavior. Therefore, Senayan City is pleased to be able to work together with SMW again for the third time. With the changing trend of consumer behavior from offline to online, many popular online brands are now penetrating the offline market and opening outlets in malls. “Senayan City continues to follow retail industry developments by observing social media trends. Developments on the platform will be part of our consideration in making new breakthroughs and providing customers with the best service,” Jaclyn said.

Meanwhile, UN Environment Ambassador and Let Elephants Be Elephants Founder Nadya Hutagalung sees social media platforms as a possible medium to share positive messages and values with others. “Social media is not only important for people who are famous and have many followers, but also for the general public to motivate the public to spread kindness, spread the messages of humanism, values, and thoughts for the common good,” said Nadya, who is joining SMW Jakarta for the first time.

Event and Speakers

The Conference, SMW 2019’s main stage, will have over 24 sessions on November 13-15, 2019, where social media and digital industry practitioners and enthusiasts can attend and learn from numerous national and international experts. From the topics of Social Media & Society and Influence Equation, the themes set to be discussed range from Building True Influence (Nadya Hutagalung), It’s Time to Be a Responsible Netizen (Anita Wahid, MAFINDO Presidium), Living in Social Media Today and Tomorrow (Najwa Shihab, Narrative TV), and Do Influencers Really Have Influence (Gushcloud Indonesia Managing Director Oddie Randa).

For the business-related topic The Future of Brands, themes set to be discussed are: Is Social Media Honest? The Customer Perspective (YouGov Asia Pacific CEO Julien Chevignon), Building Trust in an Era of Mistrust (Nestle Indonesia Head of Marketing Services & Communications and Daniel J. Edelman Holdings Indonesia CEO Radityo Prabowo), and Customer Centric Communication Design to Future-Proof Brand (Mirum Strategy Director Yhanuar Purbokusumo and Mirum Creative Director Mark Verhagen).

The events at Community Meet Up stage will be held in parallel to the Conference stage, consisting of 40 interesting sessions, namely The Power of K-Pop Community on Social Media (Kekoreaan Kaskus), Developing the Esports Industry With the Indonesian Startup Formula (Hybrid), Anxiety & FOMO: The Impact of Social Media on Young People’s Mental Health (GoWork), Yoga Class: Healthy and Empowering (Riana Yoga Institute), and How to Convert Engagement into Acquisition (SMSC).

SMW Jakarta also presents workshops on November 11-15, 2019, which provide intensive and in-depth trainings by digital and creative industry practitioners for social media and digital industry practitioners and enthusiasts.

In line with the event, for the first time, SMW Jakarta and SocialBakers will announce the Socially Devoted Award for the Most “Socially Devoted” Brand on Facebook in 2019, the Most “Socially Devoted” Brand on Twitter in 2019, the Most Engaging Brand on Facebook in 2019, the Most Engaging Brand on Instagram in 2019, the Most Engaging Brand on Twitter in 2019, and the Most Engaging Brand on YouTube in 2019. The winners will be announced during the conference on November 14, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.

The latest information on SMW Jakarta 2019 is available at SMW Jakarta 2019 tickets are available for purchase both at and at ticket booths at the venue, The Hall Senayan City level 8.

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