Senayan City FNXIII X POPULO 25th Anniversary


10 April 2019, by SenayanCity

The second day of Fashion Nation 13th Edition presents YESTERDAY; the first series from trilogy of POPULO 25th Anniversary. The show is fully supported by Senayan City to introduce the newest collection of POPULO Batik: STAPLE collection, the contemporary batik which is designed with the environmentally friendly system and unisex fashion style.

“Senayan City Fashion Nation 13th Edition always supports Indonesian designers to escalate the traditional elements in modern way, one of them is POPULO Batik. The collection is known as YESTERDAY, is the first part of the trilogy series of POPULO 25th Anniversary. POPULO has been in fashion industry since 1994 and Senayan City is proudly to partner up with POPULO Batik in presenting the newest collection of POPULO, STAPLE.

STAPLE Collection is made from the leftover fabrics and re-designed in a comfy style. From the environmentally friendly system in creating the Batik, POPULO using the natural ingredients for colouring and effective water-management system, the water residue is re-usable. POPULO Batik is succeeded in balancing the traditional and modern touch in this collection, to be freely used in all gender and ages. The fashion runway of POPULO Batik STAPLE collection will be shown on March 16, 2019 at Senayan City,” said Halina as Leasing and Marketing Communication Director of Senayan City.

With the mind set of producing the sustainability clothes, POPULO Batik release STAPLE collection that combine from the leftover fabrics and different kinds of Batik patterns (such as Parang, Grinsing, Tirtotedjo) also combining it all in blue, beige, brown, black, grey and white colour scheme; an evolution of Batik without giving up the stamp and written method from the past Indonesia’s batik technique in 20s century.

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