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Jakarta, 19 April 2018 – As a part of Senayan City Fashion Nation 12th Edition (FNXII) in 11 April, Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE is the platform or media to revealed creativity from Indonesian young designers. Along with that, they participate in FNXII runway show and conducted “The Next Hype” on April 19, 2018 at Main Atrium, 1st floor, Senayan City.

The Next Hype will present the latest designs that take modest and ready-to-wear concept from talented Indonesian young fashion designers whose joining pop up store Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE, which are Ai’telier, Bateeq, Kuro, Lene, Marlan and Saul. The collections that will be present highly expected that will be a trending topic inside digital fashion world and devotees of local fashion design.


Besides, The Next Hype will review about digital fashion trend through “Media Sosialita”, a book launching by Joy Roesma and Nadia Mulya. This book contained of tips and insight from the fellow whose perform digital industry, profoundly expected will makes the reader to utilize and monetize their social media accounts.


Halina as Leasing & Marketing Communications Director of Senayan City explain that, “There are many of talented Indonesian young designers whose in need of display room for their creations nowadays. Since the last 2 years, Senayan City begins to facilitate their needs with conducting Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE at 1st floor, Senayan City. In FNXII, this time Senayan City is presenting The Next Hype that will reveal Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE designers on runway stage. Along with the companionship from the talented Indonesian young fashion designers, we highly expected that it will giving out the spirit and a brand-new concept in Indonesia’s fashion industry.




Ai’telier Design Studio is a ready-to-wear brand for women and established since 2017. The word “Ai” come from “aishiteru”, which means love in Japanese. Ai’telier is built with their beliefs that ‘we can share our love through every inch of the details from our product. We strive for empowering women with our collections, apart from the stereotypes about the ideal shape, so that fashion will become a daily experience that gives pleasure and comforts women’.



Was inspired by the appearance from Indonesian shadow puppet, Bateeq present 6 ‘Kelir’ collections, which means ‘color’ in Javanese. The collection that consists of three patterns, which are Delikan, Lituhayo and Arjuna will appear assimilating solid and incisive color with preserve its dark shade to reflecting fall and winter. Some of the collections will yet using the same colored fabric, however applying a bit difference on its tone variation. For Fall/winter 2018/2019 collections this time, bateeq will playing “trompe l’oeil” techniques with applying more embroideries and rubber prints that will be seen in their main fabric, with the result that accentuate details, texture and volume.


  1. KURO

The first additional collection of KURO Vol 4.1, is a subsidiary from their recent collection, which is Vol.04 named “Eteru”. Still using the main color from “Eteru”, minimalist and asymmetric energy from Kuro returned with many options. “Eteru” have several meanings, which are lightweight or soft, smoothness or lightness that close to perfect and other meaning from “Eteru”, which is blissful or divine.


  1. LENE

With using the theme “Cetitude”, Lene’s collections will recite a story about woman which stand firm on her own integrity and believes her true self – in other explanation, a true identity that not affected by her external environment. She is a realist which live in the present, recognizes her priority and not let any trends influence her mindset, taste, and her style. This woman is a smart and sophisticated person. Every of her steps reflecting her image, which are strong but delicate. She is make her own steps with strong beliefs on every step of her life.



Resonance is a collection that capable to awaken imagination, memory, and emotion. This collection created to become a reflection of purism idea and settled with chosen textile, asymmetric design and geometric shape without get rid of modern-classic identity from Marlan.


  1. SAUL

Debora Mettu produced her masterpiece in the form of the figures of building come from a point of perspective. The presence of lines not only become an assistance, but also becoming important parts to create an unexpected masterpiece. Its presence is absolute, but invisible from other perspective. As the latest creation from SAUL called LIGHTD [LUMIÉRÉ]. LUMIÉRÉ were born with sheer lines that giving a meaningful signification on every inch of the fabrics. Through combination of cutting, lines and color that results in audacious collection, LUMIÉRÉ is definitely suitable to different daily life trends, with displays your strong personal identity.


Besides from runway show, Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE make a collaboration with Fabelio and present Shop for Good program, which is a brand-new attempt that established to support a NGO with donating a bit of percentage from every purchase in stores and will be activated every quarter of a year.


As their first activation, Shop for Good has already mark their efforts with welcoming last Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day with the theme “For The Love of Dog” from January 25 until April 19, 2018. Shop for Good will give the donation that has already collected to dog shelter that has been nominated by public. Fashionlink, Senayan City and representation from supported of fashion brand will decided the winner of dog shelter through interview process.


Besides the efforts from Shop for Good by Fashionlink X #BLCKVNUE in collaboration with Fabelio, visitors could give their New Year wishes on dog mural. Five winners will be choosing through lottery at the end of the program. This program is supported by fashion brands, which are Agnala, Alex[a]lexa, Ellyhan, Bateeq, Day and Night, Etterette oleh Vivian Lee, Jii, Kuro, Monday to Sunday, Marlan, Maryalle, Mazuki, Natalia Kiantoro, Paulina Katarina, Rani Hatta, Saulus, Sarah Beekmans, and SOE Jakarta.

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