17 Mei 2018, by SenayanCity

Jakarta, April 21, 2018 – Senayan City Fashion Nation 12th Edition (FNXII) was about to end. As the closing of this year, Senayan City presented again an event called Runway Hits. With the theme of I.AM.NOW, Runway Hits presents the emerging fashion designers who currently being the subject of conversation of fashion enthusiast in the capital. They are BYO, Eri, Natalia Kiantoro and Wilsen Willim. This information is directly announced at Runway Hits Press Conference that is attended by Halina as  Leasing & Marketing Communications of Senayan City, Aida Nurmala as CEO of Studio One and also Tomy (BYO), Eridani (ERI), Natalia Kiantoro and Wilsen Willim at Main Atrium, 1st floor, Senayan City on Saturday (21/4).


“Senayan City Fashion Nation always closed by Runway Hits which exhibits the works of many young and talented Indonesian designer. Runway Hits is a special program which is presented as a media for young designer on presenting their best works. Every year, Runway Hits has always been a long-awaited program by fashion enthusiast in the capital and always steals the attention by its exclusive collection. The 4 designers who will present on Runway Hits stage tonight are BYO, Eri, Natalia Kiantoro and Wilsen Willim. Besides presenting young Indonesian designer, Senayan City also presents The Style Makers Award as an appreciation that is given specially to the most stylish icon in Indonesia”, said Halina.


“This year is the 8th annual program of The Style Makers Award and divided into some categories which are The Most Stylish Female Celebrity, The Most Stylish Male Celebrity, The Most Stylish VIP, The Most and Stylish Model. Different from the previous year, The Style Makers Award will present new category, which is The Most Stylish Photographer”, Besides, do not miss the energetic performance by Fang Tatis and Radya on Runway Hits”, Halina added.





Byo’s new collection for Fall 2018, started by the intention to offer a bag which is new, unique and still rare on the market.


Mathematical exploration accompanied by inspiring images of nerve cells, microorganisms, and modular architecture produces a new textile system that is geometric but still organic and flowing.


The result of the modular textile development are 3 new and unique bags for every occasion in the urban everyday life. For the presentation in Runway Hits, these bags will be matched with 8 clothes which represent Byo’s exploration on the making of this bags collection.



Designer Eridani or commonly called ERI always exhibits a collection which looks elegant but not girly had been awarded Gold Grand Prix Yumi Katsura Design Award in Tokyo on 2010 and chosen as the finalist of Lomba perancang Mode on 2007 will exhibits his excellent works on Runway Hits 2018.


“Legatura” Collection which is presented tells about uniting two women from the different generations, awaken the past soul to enrich the present soul. A vision for the women to go back to Indonesian culture which rooted from natural culture and simplicity. A charm which appears because of natural beauty. A freedom which is measured in elegance and ethics. Draperi Silhouette long cloth blend in the nuances of nature. Organic texture to a traditional motif will be mixed in a modern “rural” look.



Natalia Kiantoro, designer who graduated from Raffles Fashion Design Institute and has been joined in Asia Fashion Exchange 2013, now is popular by her design of women’s clothing label with a minimalist concept and unique and also focusing on detail and silhouettes. Natalia will present her 2018 Fall/Winter collection with the theme of ‘A Hero Inside All of Us’ is a collection which celebrates the real feminism. Inspired by Hua Mu Lan who is a legendary person from China who is known as the feminist activist. A movement that support all women to have the gender equality and freedom, feminism is not only a anti-men movement. In reality, they can help each other same with what have been done by Hua Mu Lan.


Natalia Kiantoro blend the mix of history and modern development which could be classified as a power and self-confidence of a woman on Runway Hits 2018. Combining her own clothing which is manipulated with history touch and feminine shadow produces a collection which reflected the DNA of Natalia Kinatoro.



Wilsen Willim Label which is known by its collection which are pulling the inspiration from the naives perspective will present its collection by taking us back to the transition era on year 1910-1940. In Runway Hits, Wilsen Willim’s collection are inspired by the timeless silhouette which survived passing various age such as tailor jacket, coat and perfecto jacket. On the same time also could show the silhouetted of romantic gown which is specially designed on his collection. Wilsen also plays with the dimension and layering on which he mix with the transparent cloth and also a solid clothing.


Overall, for this collection, the majority is using cotton, wool-cashmere and silk. Organdy material and thick cotton also have been transitioned with the addition of power shoulder from the 80’s. On this collection, Wilsen used the material of Garut silk weaving and also introducing some techniques such as smocking, felting and deconstruction. This collection exhibits a ready to wear clothing which gives many styling option and giving casual, formal and also body flattering impression in the same time.


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