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Jakarta, April 12, 2017 – Celebrating Kartini’s Day every April 21, Senayan City collaborate with Iwan Tirta Private Collection (ITPC) presenting The Iconic Women as part of an appreciation to modern Kartini figure in nowadays. In conjunction with Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition (FNXI), Senayan City delivers the appreciation to 21 beautiful mom-daughters for their active and social contributions in their respective professions. In addition to the award’s ceremony, acclaimed designer Iwan Tirta showcasing his latest batik collection entitled “Sigaraning Nyawa”. Attend on this event CEO Senayan City Veri Y. Setiady accompanied by Widiyana Sudirman as Marketing Director Iwan Tirta Private Collection at Main Atrium, Senayan City 1st floot on Wednesday (12/4).


“Following the successful of The Iconic Women 2016, again we present you The Iconic Women with a little twist on the concept this year. The Iconic Women was held in commemoration of Kartini Day later in the month. Last year Iconic Women was awarded to 10 modern Kartini’s figure which came from women top achievers in various professions. This year, we present the award to 21 beautiful mom-daughters for their active and social contributions in multi-faced work of industry. Hopefully this award could inspire all Indonesian women to keep on creating on every projects.” Veri said.


Here are the names of awardee of The Iconic Women 2017:



Iwan Tirta Private Collection for Senayan City FNXI

Has a meaning as a soul-mate or balance from one to another. This concept inspires ITPC to collaborate with Rinaldy A. Yunardi featuring Era Soekamto as Creative Directore ITPC creating a collection that having each other similar with Sigaraning Nyawa itself.


For this collection, Era Sokamto combines the cutting style from classic Kebaya with Batik pattern that became an eminent of ITPC. Era Soekamto’s luscious and gracious kebaya fitted beautifully with sarong and shawl in tuntrum and flowery pattern that defines truly meaning of affection. Newest collaboration accessories collection between ITPC and Rinaldy A. Yunardi gives final perfection to entire Kebaya and Sarong-Shawl looks. Metal material with unique details bulu angsa from Rinaldy accessories inspired from ITPC batik pattern.


Runway Hits, April 15, 2017

As a closing ceremony of the 10-day journey of Fashion Nation, Runway Hits is an event dedicated to young and emerging local labels. Showcase a ready-to-wear collection from Laison by Aurelia Santoso, No’om & No’mi, SOE Jakarta, and William Utama that held on April 15, 2017 at Main Atrium 1st floor. Duo Jevin Jullian and Rini from Soundwave will wrap up the end of the lively Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition.


Style Makers Award 2017, April 15, 2017

Runway Hits also featured The Style Makers Award as Senayan City award to the most stylish icon in Indonesia. Four categories on this year is The Most Stylish Female Celebrity, The Most Stylish Male Celebrity, The Most Stylish VIP, and the newest is The Most Stylish Chef.


The Nest by Rinaldy A. Yunardi X Swarovski & The Visualist, April 6 – 15, 2017

INFICO and Swarovski initiate to create a design using Swarovski in every masterpiece that made out from the famous designer. An installation from Rinaldy A. Yunardi and Swarovski collaboration entitled The Nest will exhibit along the FNXI at Main Lobby, Ground Floor. Not to be missed, an installation that colliding between fashion photography and fashion cinematography remarking the eleventh years of Senayan City could be seen at Promenade, Ground Floor.


Media Lounge, April 6 – 15, 2017

Senayan City provides Media Lounge facility during Fashion Nation that located at 1st floor in front of Topshop. This facility completed with free wifi, lounge corner, and media center supported by Biznet Networks. The journalists could also enjoy the free beauty-fix treatment at SCX Lifestyle Hub on 1st floor by simply showing FNXI’s invitation valid for first 10 journalists every day.


Blooming Easter by Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort, April 3 – 6, 2017

In addition to the FNXI fashion installation, Senayan City with Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua showcasing an art installation entitled “Garden of Life” as commemoration of Easter on April. Inviting a respected Balinese Artist, Made Wianta, this bunnies and eggs installation interpreted from Easter that blending French Elegance with the local culture and demonstrates the universal concept of Eternal Life. Taking a place at Promenade Ground Floor, this installation will exhibit starting from April 3 – 16, 2017.


Senayan City wishes thank you for all Iconic Partners for their endless support and contributions: Panasonic Beauty, LT Pro, CMI Lightworks, Swarovski, Kitchenette, Smirnoff, and Biznet Networks. Iconic media partners: MRA Printed Media, MRA Broadcast Media, Prestige,; Men’s Folio, and also iconic blogger: Ayla Dimitri. Also Irwan Team Salon for SCX Lifestyle Hub.


Fast & Furious 8, March 31 – April 30, 2017

Feel the excitement from the world anticipated movie Fast and Furious 8 which have been premiered in Senayan City on April 11, 2017 by visiting live experience simulation at Ground Floor. Also you can take a picture in front of FF8 Dodge Ice Charger car installation at Main Lobby until April 30, 2017.


Writing & Photo Competition 2017

To appreciate fellow media and journalist, every year, Senayan City held Senayan City Writing & Photo Competition 2017. This year, Senayan City adds up Blogger category for the participants. There is three categories such as Photo Category, Article Category, and Video Category. This competition is held in 2 seasons:


Competition’s Period


Season I

Januari 1 – June 30, 2017

July 10, 2017

Season II

July 1 – December 31, 2017

Januay 10, 2018

All winners for every season will be display in a Writing & Photo Competition Exhibition 2017 that will be held in Senayan City.


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