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07 Juli 2020, by SenayanCity



Jakarta, May 10th, 2020 – In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Senayan City as a favorite shopping destination in Jakarta is keeping the innovation to present various interesting programs that can be enjoyed by loyal visitors and fashion lovers when they have to #StayAtHome. Through a digital platform, Senayan City presents creative content with the theme #SCSHOWFROMHOME which is a virtual show run by Senayan City and collaborates with Edwan Handoko as a well-known professional choreographer in Indonesia.

Creating the different concept and style than usual, Senayan City welcomes the upcoming Eid al-Fitr with presenting the #SCSHOWFROMHOME virtual fashion show based on the wishes of friends in the fashion industry who always want to work even at home.

"As a mall that always presents the fashion program eagerly awaited by fashion lovers, Senayan City is taking the advantage during COVID-19 pandemic as the way to express creativeness by treat the longing of #StayAtHome fashion lovers to be able to continue to enjoy fashion shows from Indonesian designers by presenting virtual fashion shows.

#SCSHOWFROMHOME is a virtual fashion content presented by Senayan City in collaboration with Edwan Hadoko and several Indonesian designers including Ria Miranda, Purana, Sav Lavin and Mel Ahyar. The #SCSHOWFROMHOME program will present the latest collections and special editions from designers virtually involving fashion models from home. With the presence of this virtual program it is hoped that it can inspire fashion lovers in the country and can be directly purchased for use on Eid al-Fitr, "said Halina as Leasing & Marketing Director of Senayan City.

"The fashion show at home program is one way to encourage friends in the fashion world, from designers, models, crew and other support teams to keep on working. At present what is needed is collaboration and work to support one another. And the most important thing now is to encourage each other and spread positive energy. We do our work as humans who work in the fashion world and God will do their part. Hopefully the fashion show at home can inspire friends in the fashion industry,"said Edwan Handoko.


Here is the #SCSHOWFROMHOME designer and is a series of inspiring collections:


Present at the virtual show on May 10, 2020 at IG @ SenayanCity, NAGARI's collection inspired by Minang culture became a source of inspiration for Ria Miranda. Representation of Minang tradition and culture is very thick in the collection of Kingdom 2020 named Nagari, with the strength of the diverse identity of West Sumatra's songket and batik motifs. 'Nagari' means 'country' in the Minang language, reflecting the personal sense of his longing to return home. Go back to being a human without the burden of life, even though feeling nostalgic was impossible this year.

Another creative process of Minang characteristics is the adaptation of the selection of the Rumah Gadang motif and the Nine Curved road in pieces of clothing, to the modification of embroidery and embroidery techniques like traditional West Sumatra traditional clothes.

"As different as the Minang collection that I made, exploration this time is deeper and more diverse because it displays my birth culture from various aspects. When making this collection, I want to give my life and longing to Minang. In a pandemic situation like now, so always pray every time you see and wear the Nagari collection. Oh motherland, get well soon from this plague." said Ria Miranda.

This Nagari collection features elegant feminine looks that can be seen from the silhouette, color selection, fabric texture to the cutings. There are detailed draping and layering making this shirt can be used more than one style with olive, khaki, lilac and cream colors.


2. RESORT 2020 by PURANA

The spring that ends soon marks the time for PURANA to launch the Resort 2020 collection which concentrates on the elegant blue and olive green hues. This time, Purana is launching the 2020 Resort collection with versatile characters, also showing consistency in a collaborative culture. This time PURANA is collaborating with graphic designer Taja Sukarya, who is famous for his illustrative works and has published graphic novella and books for children that he writes and draws his own stories and illustrations.

Using a motif created by Taja, PURANA produced around 15 types of clothing, which consisted of jumpsuits, dresses that could be outerwear, vests, tops that could be outer, two-ways outer kimono and pants. Each item adheres to the characteristics of PURANA which is easily combined with other items from the same collection or old clothes that the user already has.

"We see Taja's work reference and are fixated on a motif which we think is very attractive," said Nonita, who with Taja then modified the motif and made it look like it was taking inspiration from Aztec culture. The abstract motif, laden with symbolic aesthetic graphics, immediately added vocabulary to the PURANA collection in the virtual show that took place on Monday, May 11, 2020.



Silhouette as the main base - at the top looks slim and elongated and for the bottom looks wide with a coin-shaped pattern and paper letters. This collection is inspired by the luxurious side of the object and added with a touch of Sav that is comfortable and united with the body. This fabric uses a combination of cotton and polyester with black, white, gold, silver and burgundy.

Outline of this collection is about the concept of coins and paper letters, this SS20 collection focuses on ideas about how this collection can be used every day, separate from humans and cultures in the world. In-depth research conducted by looking at human behavior from coin collectors to street art, this collection is about what we will do, how we look and how we feel. The nostalgic elements of the past are presented with interesting concepts and the process of the process is adjusted to the proportions in detail that can be seen in the collection.



HAPPA Pre-Fall 2020 - The name of this collection, "Bin-Bini", is a derivative of the word Bini. Bini in the Big Indonesian Dictionary means married woman; wife. Being a wife is one of the roles of women in the family, as a balanced, encouraging, and advisory partner for her husband. For wives who already have children, the role of a mother is to give love, nurture, and guide her children. Whereas in the country, the role of women is also significant because the population of women is greater than men, so women can make a big impact as the subject of nation building.

Happa took inspiration from two special weaves originating from Baduy and Bali, namely endek weaving and Baduy weaving. Baduy woven fabric has the uniqueness of the material which is rather rough and the color tends to be dominant. Usually, the Baduy cloth motifs are colorful lines and motifs inspired from nature. Likewise, weaving endek from Bali with a variety of motifs that have different functions, such as geometric motifs, flora and fauna, and figurative.

Not separated from the characteristics of Happa, cutting and volume collection this time is also diverse and bold, overlapping and layered. The vibrant colors on the print motif also complement the accents with original woven fabrics from Baduy and Bali that strongly reflect Indonesian culture. When talking about Happa, all designs are timeless from complicated game details. All these ethnic touches are certainly not forgotten wrapped in a modern and young impression. We present this new collection to exceptional Indonesian women. Coming soon, HAPPA Pre-Fall 2020 - Bin-Bini.

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