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Jakarta, October 24, 2018 – Senayan City is creating another hype of being the fashion home base for sixth times in Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. Back with unique collaborations of Senayan City and Jakarta Designers Room (JDR) designers such as Danjyo Hyoji, Hunting Fields, KLÉ, NIKICIO, and XY, ‘IN.VAGUE’ stage will be shown at Fashion Atrium, 1st floor Senayan City, on October 24, 2018, 19.00 WIB.

“Bring up the theme of ‘IN.VAGUE’, Senayan City is collaborating with Jakarta Designers Room to give a new vibe of next trend concept on Fashion Atrium stage at 19.00. With different and unique kind of fashion presentation is presenting different characters are. Senayan City X JDR is presenting DANJYO HYOJI with colorful Pleisure; KLE is showing Existensialism with the monochromatic mood; HUNTING FIELDS is completing the contradictive fashion with knotted and silhouettes; NIKICIO Black Label is carefully tailored for a woman that you would look up to from someone you would like to be – an aspiration and last but not least, the newest Capsule Collection that come from an inspiration of John Doe by XY on Fashion Atrium stage. The different harmonious on fashion presentation ‘IN.VAGUE’ is presented especially for fashion enthusiasts,” said Halina as Director of Leasing and Marketing Communications Senayan City.  




Danjyo Hiyoji is infusing playful spirit in this leisure collection; Pleisure! This season, garment takes on simple, oversized and versatile silhouettes. Although painted with subdued stripes, the collection conveys a lot of buzz and amusement! Fabrics glide softly against your skin, making sure you are comfortable throughout the day. Pleisure also makes sure you have fun with lots of collectible items. Pleisure is all around a hip and snazzy collection that will not only accompany your leisure time, but also make sure that you are dressed well while having fun.


Few elements which are presented in the collection called ‘DUALITY’ includes: Embrace, with knotted, gathered and wrapped signature silhouettes reflects how opposing elements are being pulled together. Checkered organza, textured fringe, ribbings, and pleats counted among the collection’s strong points. Hybrid of two or more garments into one is turning a familiar item into a unique and unexpected look which offers versatility. Solid and sheer are contradictory and inseparable in this collection which goes hand in hand with how human beings live predominantly on the dualistic plane; solid, portraying how one  can be strong and at the same time sheer, having vulnerability and soft side.


The collection ‘EXISTENSIALISM’ consists with monocromathic colors – black & grey with a bit or red. Fabric uses are cotton twills, herringbone, Poly Chiffon, Cotton Jersey & rayon. Oversize prints and deconstructed long Thirst dominates the collections, with pleats and trench coat presented also wide legged pants and shirts.


Nikicio Black Label is carefully tailored for a woman that you would look up to, someone you would like to be - an aspiration. She’s no longer look for who she is as a person, she understands life completely, she has become the woman she is – her identity is solid and unshaken. She is full of life, but yet still and composed. We are always inspired by women who we want to dress; smart, intellectual women who dress mindfully. With a firm yet sexy silhouette with a hint of necessary femininity, they are represented by straight lines and precise volume. Nina Nikicio believes in creating minimal, straight-forward, and functional clothes that can be eternally cherished beyond generations.


XY is going deeper in translating the human’s passion through the collection called John Doe, the passion for searching the self-identity. The capsule collection is translated into variety of prints in how human try to discover themselves. Story of John Doe is playing with cotton drill, suede, polyester and canvas linen are numbers of fabric used for this earthy, yet deep-dark collection. Also exploring the function of pocket, XY is experimenting on double pocket, hidden pocket and layered pockets. The fingerprint and outline silhouette that we translate reflect the learning process when finding our true self and symbol of individual uniqueness.


Enjoy the 6-days shopping programs and special privilege during Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 for all customers and SCX Iconic Member.

IN.FAME – Special for SCX member and Senayan City’s customers with spend minimal Rp 2.000.000,- in tenant brand fashion and accessories, are having chances to get instant rewards everyday such as Senayan City Voucher, Voucher 3D/2N at Banyan Tree Ungasan Bali, Lojel Kozmoz luggage, Calvin Klein Sunglasses and many exciting rewards. The period for IN.FAME instant rewards program is starting from October 20-26th, 2018 with limited stocks available.

SHOW JFW ID - Enjoy special privileges, promos and exciting dicsount from Senayan City’s tenants with presenting the ID or JFW2019 invitation during Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 period for all JFW 2019 invitees. Get the promos from participating tenants such as: Aldo, Everbest, Gingersnaps, Havaianas, Innisfree, Keds, Levi's, Our Daily Dose, Rotelli Time Concept, Zeiss Vision Center dan masih banyak lagi. Selain tenant fashion, program ini juga berlaku juga di tenant F&B seperti DEL/CAE, BAE by Socieaty, Fish n Co, Hokkaido, I Ta-Suki, Kitchenette, MAM, Mamacita, Pancious, Pippo, Red & White Wine and Spirits, Sour Sally, Sushi Tei, Union Café, Warung Koffie Batavia and many more. For more details, please check Senayan City’s website on

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