THE ICONIC WOMEN - An appraisement for the modernized Kartini nowadays


17 Mei 2018, by SenayanCity

Jakarta, 18 April 2018 – Senayan City for the third time in collaboration with Iwan Tirta Private Collection (ITPC) present The Iconic Women as a reward for the modernized Kartini nowadays. Exist as a part of Fashion Nation 12th Edition (FNXII), this year Senayan City rewarded 9 active and inspiring personages from variant profession. Along with this event, ITPC will have launched their latest collection under the theme “ER-LUM” as the result of collaboration with Mel Ahyar. This event was attended by Halina as Marketing Director ITPC and Mel Ahyar at Senayan City Main Atrium, 1st floor on Wednesday (18/4).

“To commemorate the Kartini’s Day in 21st of April, Senayan City returned in collaboration with Iwan Tirta Private Collection and Mel Ahyar with The Iconic Women – an appraisement for the modernized Kartini nowadays. We give the reward for 9 active, have a strong social conscience also inspiring personages from variant profession. Besides, these rewards consider their strong dedication that they give towards their professions. We highly expecting that this reward will become an inspiration for other Indonesian women to increase the modernized Kartinis nowadays,” said Halina.


These are the following name from reward recipients of The Iconic Women 2018:




Born in 1988, she is exist as one of the few women racer in Indonesia. Born in a racer family – Alex Asmasoebrata, Alexandra or Andra began her own debut in go-cart championship since 12 years old. Started her career from 2001 until now, Andra is won numerous championship in range from national to Asia. She has been participated twice in go-cart world championship at Malaysia and Italia.


Concurrent with Kartini’s Day, 21st of April 2007, Andra is received an award from MURI (Indonesian World Records Museum) as a result of the first women racer in Indonesia. In the international scope, Andra is listed as the first women racer in Asia. Not only in go-cart, Andra is received numerous trophies from Formula’s event in Asia. She is listed having more or less 200 trophies during her career.



Theatre and performing arts was a beginning of Atiqah Hasiholan to begin her own career debut in Indonesia entertainment. Her numerous of achievements prove her eagerness because she became one of the nominee for main actresses in Piala Citra (Indonesian Film Festival) for 4 times – Ruma Maida, Hello Goodbye, 3 Nafas Likas and Wonderful Life. Besides, she has been the nominee for supporting actresses in Piala Citra twice – The Mirror Never Lies and Bulan Di Atas Kuburan. Advanced in Media and Psychology from Monash University in 2006 is now returned and played in a movie after she bore a daughter named Salma Putri Dewanto.


  1. AYU DEWI, Host / Presenter, Actress, Public Figure

Begin her career through modeling, achieved an award in FUN FEARLESS FEMALE 2006 by Cosmopolitan, and dabbled in several television programs. Her dreams were once becoming a TV Personality then became true when she finally started her career in TV daily news since 2009. Besides, we can see her own debut in her latest movie:  Trinity the Nekad traveler.


  1. DAISY MUSIN DARE, Retail Director of Masari Group

The renowned Daisy Musin is acknowledging in fashion luxurious brand, this women begin her career in fashion retail since 1996. Daisy is joined LVMH then acknowledge more after taking position as Brand Manager Hermes in 2002. In 2005, she shifted to Masari group as Director of Business Development (Hermes, Lanvin, Rodo, Masari & John Hardy). In 2008, she has been appointed as Retail Director. Her role in Hermes is managing retail operation and marketing.



The renowned Diajeng Lestari is acknowledging in Indonesian Moslem Fashion enthusiast. She was born in 1986, a well acknowledge by others as founder of was started her career since 2011. Concentrate in online mall concept which is particularly sells Islamic clothing for Muslim women; is growing stronger, bigger, and become a well-known fashion business in Indonesia and all around the world. Particularly, was already give inspirations to how women build and create their own Moslem Fashion business.


  1. FRANKA FRANKLIN, Co-Owner & Partner Tulola Design

Franka Franklin did achieve her career in digital world. Was graduated from Raffles Design Institute majoring in Fashion Management and Northumbria University, This amazing women started her own career in 2006 as Business Development Executive in one of the advertising agency Singapore. In 2007, Franka was returned to Indonesia in July 2007 and joined MakkiMakki Branding Consultant as Senior Brand Analyst for 3,5 years more or less. Besides, she proposed herself to contribute in Indonesia’s social education movement, teach in Strategist Communication Specialist in 2010.


She was joined Kanmo Retail Group as Group Digital and E-commerce Manager in 2011, has become renowned ever since. She holds responsibility in brand-new Digital Department. “For me, digital world is a brand-new thing. However, I decided to take this opportunity and ended up as the best decision that I ever had. We had developed it from nothing, consider we nearly haven’t any experiences since we work in a store,” she explained. It seems like this is a huge step that brought Franka far into her position as the CMO Luxola Indonesia in 2013. Today, she is focusing on her career as Vice President (VP) Merchandising and business developing in a well-known fashion online company in collaboration with local brand, Tulola Dosign.


  1. NONI PURNOMO, President Director of Blue Bird Group

Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo or simply called Noni Purnomo has received a reward form The Iconic Women 2018 because she represents the modernized Kartini nowadays. Graduated as Industrial Engineering then continued her study and graduated as MBA in Finance and Marketing work as President Director of Blue Bird Group, philanthropist, and become a mother of three daughters. In 2015, Noni Purnomo delegated as “Power Women in Asia” by Forbes. Her concern towards the environment takes place in “Bluebird Peduli” which is focusing more about Women’s empowerment, education, ensure environmental sustainability and culture.


Besides, Noni Purnomo served as Board of Advisor of Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI), President of ITS (Intelligent Transport System) Indonesia, President Commissioner of MTI (Masyarakat Transport Indonesia), Ketua Komite Tetap Perhubungan Darat, dan Angkutan Sungai, Danau, dan Penyebrangan (ASDP) KADIN.


  1. SUSI PUDJIASTUTI, Menteri Kelautan dan Perikanan (kabinet kerja 2014-2019)

Susi is known as Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries under President Joko Widodo's 2014-2019 Working Cabinet, the owner of PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product; a seafood expert company which producing “Susi Marine”, a remarkable high-rate seafood product. Not only become the owner of Seafood Company, but also owned a PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, which operates Susi Air charter airline. Susi has receiving countless of awards, which are Award for Innovative Achievements, Extraordinary Leadership and Significant Contributions to the Economy, APEC, 2011 and many more.


  1. WINDY HARTANTO, Social Entrepreneur

Was born in Palembang, Windy Hartanto identically renowned with her remarkable style, which has a strong characteristic and elegant appointed as one of the Iconic Women 2018. Her affection towards fine art made her became the ambassador for Indonesian painter Jeihan Sukmantoro, and became one from the 50 Indonesian women which was painted by Jeihan. Besides, Windy Hartanto actively joined social activities, which are “Mari Membaca” movement also became one of the foster parents at Pulo Gadung. The children learn several know-how techniques that will become useful in the future. In the middle of her occupation, she passionately work as a writer.




Fahion Nation 2018 by Senayan City will became a premiere launching from Iwan Tirta Private Collection in collaboration with fashion designer Mel Ahyar. “ER-LUM” collection came from the word heirloom. a strong and huge batik pattern became Iwan Tirta Private Collection’s characteristics, was displayed along with fancy details is Mel Ahyar’s characteristic. With her strong characteristics, she completed a straight A-line silhouette come with the taffeta, tulle and organdy silk. “ER-LUM” collections series were dominated by midi-dress and outer which are using embroidery techniques and Swarovski for the finishing touch – give the ‘living’ vibes for Iwan Tirta Private Collection. Represented by several patterns like Boketan (flowers), Peksi (birs) also elephant, “ER-LUM” narrated Nusantara’s concept as well as Indonesia cultural diversity, which became the main theme by Iwan Tirta Private Collection 2018.


All of the “ER-LUM” by Iwan Tirta Private Collection in collaboration with Mel Ahyar can be spotted at ITPC’s gallery, Senayan City 2nd floor. With the modern eclectic concept, ITPC’s gallery – Senayan City has provided were presented furniture collections by Iwan Tirta Home.



“I don’t want to only appreciate the previous greatness without examined the developed arts of batik in the future. I aimed to become a piece from the future and actively take place in its journey” – Iwan Tirta, Batik: A Play Light & Shades, 1996.


As a batik house, Iwan Tirta Private Collection committed to consistently present a creature; not only special, but also manage to appreciate cultural roots and achieve an innovation to make it relevant as time goes by. Several collaborations will be done by Iwan Tirta Private Collection in 2018 in order to create the batik masterpiece with broader segmentation.

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