17 Mei 2018, by SenayanCity

Jakarta, 21 April 2018– Succeed for conducting fashion presentation in fashion industry last October, for the 2nd time Senayan City advanced a brand-new collaboration with Hotel Indigo Bali Deminyak Beach and presenting SAVA for Fashion Nation 12th Edition (FNXII). The Collaboration itself will showing three ingenious designers, which are Dibba, Purana and Rama Dauhan; they will tell the story behind SAVA trough Nativity, Feeling, Creation and Intention. For the ‘newborn’ FNXII, SAVA will present their finest collections on April 21st, 2018 at Main Atrium, Level 1, Senayan City.


SAVA is collaboration between two linguistics understanding which is broad yet deep along with different perspective in ancient Sanskrit and urban dictionary, and has a beautiful quintessence to explore. Besides, SAVA depicts the real meaning of beauty, cleverness, struggle and sacrifice in creating a masterpiece. The name SAVA came from Sava Spa, which is a spa located at Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach.


Two meanings with different perspective is Bali’s representation, which Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach was located. The concept itself was known as “Sekala Niskala” by Bali’s citizen, a concept where deeply planted inside every soul in Devata Island – promise to consistently keep the stability between worldly life and other dimensional life through sacrifice in form of offering.    


As one of Indonesia's natural wealth, Bali Island has always been a favorite destination for both local and foreign tourist. As I have seen this, Senayan City would like to invite Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach once again to collaborate on Fashion Nation 12th Edition. Point out the theme SAVA, these collaboration present three Indonesian fashion designers which are, Dibba, Purana and Rama Dauhan. Through collaboration with Senayan City and Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach we highly hope that Indonesia’s culture could acknowledge more by the world by doing a fashion show.” said Halina.




Inspired from a film titled ‘The TRUE Cost’, PURANA exclusively created the collection called IndigoBlu for Fashion Nation 12th Edition for Senayan City and Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach. This time, its collection focusing in slow fashion with approaching materials that easily recyclable, which are linen, cotton and natural dyes derived from plants. “Besides, PURANA did an up cycling approach that transforming waste materials or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality,” said Creative Director PURANA, Nonita Respati.


Color palette from its collections is dominantly indigo, even though some did using the color from both woods and roots. Details in loose silhouette specifically made with affixed origami accent on the neck, arms, and pockets. Other material that used is hand-woven fabric from Pekalongan then used batik stripes techniques. The final look equipped with rattan boy cap that totally unisex and matchless,” added Nonita.



Fall Winter 2018 collection that presented by DIBBA – a brand that acknowledged with bright color applications, this time exclusively presented its dark-colored collections for Fashion Nation 12th Edition titled Stranger Danger. “This collection was inspired by a story behind Surabaya monument, particularly in history about Surabaya’s etymology (the word ‘Sura’ and ‘Baya’ means saved from the crisis) which was presumed as a representation of battle between Java and invasion attempted from Tar-tar (Mongolia) which is commanded by Kublai Khan, began from Kertanegara’s era until Raden Wijaya. The last attempted by Mongol which was defeated by Java. We try to put the feel and elements from Surabaya monument along with its history into fashion design and print illustration,” said Ykha Amelz and Faisal Shah, Founders of DIBBA.


Stella Budiarjo, a young fashion designer that recently joined DIBBA, take parts to explain in detail about silhouette from this collection design which combines structural elements and detail from Mongolian traditional clothes, which are jacket silhouette, geometrics, rectangles in form of high collar, wide arm and ready-to-wear. Stiff structure from the materials paired with lightweight characterized fabrics, which are chiffon, organza, tulle which represents shallow water where battle of sharks and crocodile take place. Besides, Javanese kingdom is strengthened with additional gold accessories from House of Jealouxy and slippers from CHIEL shoes.



Point out the ideas from safari characteristics; jungle and adventure – Rama Dauhan presents “KELANA”, a collection that exclusively designed for Fashion Nation 12th Edition present with its own style that prioritized vibrant and playful with exploration of style, fabrics and motif and depict the unique young spirit. “KELANA is expressing free line and freedom of expression through fashion and represents the adventurous soul that never give up and stop dreaming,” said Rama Dauhan.


Combining special elements, color pattern, silhouette and bright yellow pattern, this concept that made from organza, tulle, white and black chiffon represents the passionate and exhiliriate nature. Besides, this collection not only committed to present an overawe fineness, but also dedicates on Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach concept, which are modern and extremely detailed on its interior designs.

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