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Jakarta, 11 April 2018 – Succeed in presenting enormous fashion showcases every year and renowned as a part from fashion industry, Senayan City present the iconic annual fashion gala event Fashion Nation 12th Edition (FNXII) on 11 – 22 April, 2018 with showcase numerous iconic and inspirational Indonesian designers are Mel Ahyar, Tri Handoko and Priyo Oktaviano at Opening Night FNXII, Main Atrium, 1st floor (11/4).


Halina as the Senayan City Leasing & Marketing Communications Director said, “Senayan City is taking its role as the most fashionable shopping destination in Jakarta consistently conducts Fashion Nation as a yearly program to support Local fashion industry in the past 11 years. This year NEXT IS NOW is the main theme FNXII that represent an illustration of numerous innovations exist in Senayan City by 2018. Besides, NEXT IS NOW establish how Fashion Nation giving the world’s stage to local fashion – suitable with vision and mission of Senayan City which is to become the most favorite iconic shopping destination in Indonesia to Asia Pacific.


NEXT IS NOW is showcasing exclusive collections from collaboration of 3 designers, which are Mel Ahyar, Tri handoko, dan Priyo Oktavianofor Opening Night FNXII. All of them will present the latest collection for runway show Senayan City FNXII. Supported by elegant atmosphere from the stage, Izabel Jahja will host the Opening Night to complete the show,” she explained.


Other highlight show from FNXII was collaboration from Ikatan Perancang Mode Indonesia (IPMI) in fashion installation named INDIGO. As one of the essential element in Indonesia, IPMI has choose nature as the collaborator; Indigofera tinctoria. This collaboration was inspired by nila collection as the heritage and culture of Indonesia, along with Senayan City IPMI presented the exhibition to create a true masterpiece and beauty with showed natural colors that can be seen in the design. The fashion installation will be showed several collections from IPMI’s members, which are Andreas Odang, Ari Seputra, Carmanita, Danny Satriadi, DidiBudiardjo, Era Soekamto, Ghea Panggabean, Hian Tjen, Liliana Lim, Mel Ahyar, Norma Hauri, Priyo Oktaviano, Yogie Pratama and Yongki Budisutisna. INDIGO will be located at Curated Space 1st floor, Senayan City.


For the 7th time, Runway Hits will be returned as a part of Fashion Nation 12th Edition. With the theme I AM NOW, Runway Hits carried emerging fashion designer which was being the trending topic on fashion enthusiast and numerous fashion week in Asia.


As a part of Runway Hits, Style Maker Award 2018 is returned to bring appreciation for the most stylish icons in Indonesia. Several categories were within reach, which are The Most Stylish Female Celebrity, The Most Stylish Male Celebrity, The Most Stylish Model, The Most Stylish VIP and the latest category is The Most Stylish Photographer.





As a renowned designer that worked in collaboration with Senayan City Fashion Nation, Mel Ahyar could be categorized as an artist in terms of Indonesia fashion industry. Her collections was consistently implicated the beauty, unique and raised things that are forgotten by society. For Senayan City Fashion Nation 2018, Mel Ahyar will work out on ‘Vignette’ from Mel Ahyar First. Inspired from 80’s and 90’s era, the collection will remind us to ‘calling childhood memories’ and bring us back to an endless happiness and hilarity. ‘Vignette’ is the 10th collection from Mel Ahyar First and will appear on Senayan City FNXII for the first time.



Was appeared in Senayan City Fashion Nation, the contemporary fashion designer Tri Handoko will present ‘a state with no motion’ as his latest collection that will present on Senayan City Fashion Nation ever since he became one of the chosen designers to appear on Senayan City Runway Hits in 2015, bring out Austere by Tri Handoko. The energy from his collection came out form a blazing sense deep in heart but looks calm on the outside. This philosophy became the main balance which does occur in this world. Every detail that will appear should become a pioneer trend on Senayan City FNXII.



Other than Mel Ahyar and Tri Handoko, Senayan City Fashion Nation once more did the collaboration with Priyo Oktaviano. After succeeding his work at Opening Night Senayan City at Singapore with Frederick Lee in 2016, Priyo returned with his collection titled ‘La Riviera’. Priyo Oktaviano will take us back to ‘60s decades at Cote d’Azur, The French Riviera. Each of his gentle work and details will appear in his collection with combination of cream-coloured, grey and black using linen, tulle and organza. As one of the most creative Indonesian fashion designers, Priyo Oktaviano will be expected to adding allurement with joined FNXII this year.

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