15 September 2017, by SenayanCity

Making the Most of a Mall’s Advantages

The first – and greatest – advantage that it’s physical, it’s real. 'The products inside it are physical and real'. Being able to see, touch, smell and hear something in real life is a unique experience; one that simply can’t be replicated online. - Jaclyn Halim


Secondly, Senayan City as shopping mall is not just a retail space, but as a meeting place and entertainment destination. Senayan City offer a place where people can safely meet, as well as be fed and entertained. Our aim is to move the standard customer’s perception of a mall from ‘a place to buy things’ to ‘a place to have a day out’.


Offline or Online: Why Not Both?

Social media is a feature in most people’s lives nowadays, and Senayan City are using it to remain relevant. By engaging with customers while they’re not visiting, malls can stay front of mind. 

In short, if shopping malls are open to the possibilities that the digital world presents, then their future looks bright. Malls need to recognise their strengths and use digital technologies to heighten those unique value propositions. But how big that market is will rely on how open the humble shopping mall is trying new ways of doing things.

Our performance speaks for itself. We've grown our business substantially over the last decade. We entertain as well as provide retail options for our shoppers, we have dining options that are very much anchored in the physical world, and you combine those things - that can't be duplicated online.


'We're really focused on how to leverage technology going forward to enhance the overall experience on mall, to drive sales in our retailers. Plus Mobile is a key area of focus for us; social media is another area of focus for us, extending our retailer showcase, making those offers available to consumers on their phones. ' - Jaclyn Halim - Marketing and Promotion GM of Senayan City

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