JFW2022 SENAYAN CITY | SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold3 l Flip3 5G presents FOOTPRINTS


25 November 2021, by SenayanCity

Jakarta, November 25, 2021 – JAKARTA FASHION WEEK 2022, the annual fashion event that is always eagerly awaited by homeland fashion lovers, is back virtually and takes place from 25 - 28 November 2021 which can be enjoyed through various channels such as: JFW Youtube channel, www.senayancity.com, tiktok, Laz Live, Vidio.com, RCTI+, and Dens TV. Senayan City, as the official production space, took part in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2022 stage by collaborating with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 l Flip3 5G in collaboration with veteran Indonesian designer and brand label, Jeffry Tan and SOE Jakarta, which aired on Thursday, November 25, 2021 at 17.00-17.30 WIB.

“Senayan City and Jakarta Fashion Week 2022 are fun things to look forward to every year. By paying attention to the number of local fashion brands that continue to grow and develop their identities, Senayan City is the reason to participate and fully support it as a forum for designers and fashion lovers in the country. It really should not be missed by homeland fashion lovers.

The exclusive show to look forward to is the FOOTPRINTS stage, which features the iconic collaboration Senayan City with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 l Flip3 5G X Jeffry Tan and SOE Jakarta. The combination of technology, aesthetics, and fashion, will definitely give a unique and interesting impression. FOOTPRINTS is defined as leaving a mark / imprint, by embodying memories of the times that inspired them so far in the collections that are displayed.” explained Mrs. Halina, as Leasing & Marketing Communications Director Senayan City



Jeffry Tan presents his latest collection of women’s wear inspired by his 3 favorite cities: Paris, Bali and Tokyo. With the uniqueness of each place, Jeffry puts it in a distinctive cut and style in this JESCAPE collection, starting from the typical Parisian opulence, a comfortable and relaxed Balinese atmosphere, to origami and Japanese kimono. Fashion lovers can find Jeffry's signature zigzag cut, with its Crystal embedding and drape technique on linen and silk chiffon. The play of colors ranging from black to soft Lavender, beige and white, combined with Jeffry's shoe collection that further strengthens the representation of each of his favorite cities.

Collaborating with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 l Flip3 5G at Jakarta Fashion Week 2022, Jeffry conveyed a message of unity between fashion, technology, and creativity, without the need for age, skin color or gender barriers. While hoping of this collection can be the symbol of unity in diversity and positive things in the digital era like now.


The SS 2022 collection from SOE Jakarta was inspired by our quarantine moments during the pandemic which made us start looking for new hobbies while at home. The Home Grown collection is based on hobbies during the pandemic, featuring crochet, cording, and patchwork details. The look of a loose silhouette, gives the impression of being relaxed and comfortable.

Using hand woven fabrics made by craftsmen in Pekalongan combined with more modern fabrics, such as parachute fabric and organza fabric, with details such as pleating and ruching, this collection is versatile and unique. In addition, SOE Jakarta is also inspired by the modular forms of games such as Lego, which can be disassembled to get new shapes. Like lego, some looks can be disassembled with detailed cording that allows certain parts of the garment to be removed and mixed-and-matched according to the wearer's taste. One example is the bottom of the jacket that can be removed and used as a short skirt or obi accent on top of other garments by pulling and tightening the straps according to the size of the wearer's body. The appearance of the SOE Jakarta models is even more complete with a line of beautiful shoes from Charles & Keith that are in harmony with the collection.



During the JFW2022 stage, SCX Members can enjoy attractive offers from 22-28 November 2021. For the first 45 members who exchange receipts with min. transactions of IDR 1,000,000 will get a MAP Voucher or H&M Voucher worth IDR 100,000.

Also enjoy the SCX Special Program which takes place on 25-28 November 2021, to get the grand prize that will be drawn through the system, with the following prizes: Sofitel Bali 3D/2N Voucher, Tom Ford Sunglasses, Olivia Burton Watch, and Fashion Hamper by Lekat.



Enliven the JFW2022 moment, beauty and salon tenants also participated in providing special attractive promos on 25-28 November 2021. It is enough to visit the participating tenants who can be checked on Instagram @senayancity / website www.senayancity.com , Senayan City visitors can enjoy Buy 1 Get 1, special price, GWP, and many more.

Further information about it can be accessed via www.senayancity.com , or follow social media instagram @senayancity or use the hashtags #SCxJFW2022 #JFW2022 to get the latest information about Jakarta Fashion Week 2022. Download the Senayan City application at Applestore / Google Play for membership information and the latest promos.

At Senayan City, infinite discovery and delight await you.

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