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Jakarta, January 18, 2017 – Celebrating Chinese New Year on January 28, 2017, Senayan City present “Prosperous Spring” that start from today until February 5, 2017. Highlight on this program, art installation, shopping program and performance from China are combined on this event. The main highlight is Senayan City present Spring Emperor Installations that inspired by Dynasty Qing from 17th and 18th century of the mighty in over 700 years. To socialize the event, Senayan City held Press Conference that attend by Halina as Marketing Director of Senayan City and also Iconic designers from Spring Emperor Installation; Andreas Odang, Danny Satriadi, Mel Ahyar, Rinaldy A. Yunardi and Stella Rissa also Budi Kurniawan from Yin Zhen Lounge by Forme at Main Atrium, 1st floor on Wednesday (18/1).


“This year the Prosperous Spring present Spring Emperor art installations at Main Atrium, 1st floor, the installation is a combination between fashion and art that inspired by Dynasty Qing where the traditional China has be seen on modern perspective without eliminating the uniqueness of the country. For this installation, Senayan City has been collaborating with 10 Indonesian designers which display 10 exclusive designs on Spring Emperor installation. List of the designers are Andreas Odang, Ari Saputra, Danny Satriadi, Hian Tjen, Mel Ahyar, Rinaldy A. Yunardi, Sapto Djojokartiko, Sebastian Gunawan, Stella Rissa and Yogie Pratama. Also, through this installation, Senayan City’s would like to continue our mission by giving inspiration and space to all Indonesian designers to appear in public”, Halina said.


Taking place at Main Atrium, 1st floor, in addition for Spring Emperor Installation, Senayan City also collaborate  with Forme present Yin Zhen Lounge, a lounge with authentic Chinese decorations. The installation would be describing that how a diversity in China culture would be seen in modernity. On this lounge, for celebrating Chinese New Year the customers who comes with family could enjoy and participate in Dilmah Premium Tea legacy on January 18, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2017.


Spring Emperor Installation

Andreas Odang – Autumn’s Golden Wind

The inspiration comes from classical China rhymes regarding love story between a girl and an army that their love story must be stopped because the army must be at war but he promise to come back. A girl waiting so longs until one day they meet again.


Ari Seputra – The Empress of China

The Empress of China based on story of wonder women behind empires. This story is inspired by the empress in the past that brings into modernity.


Danny Satriadi – Xúnzhǎo  àiqíng
The inspiration comes from beautiful roses as a love symbol. Red also means prosperous and happiness. With this collection, he expect the design can describe this year would be year with full of happiness and love.


Hian Tjen – The Lady Yehenara

This collection inspired by The Empress Dowager Cixi from Dynasty Qing that wellknown with her  beautiful and elegancy. Ruled for 47 year, Lady Yanehara is a name of the empress before the tittle Tongzhi Emperor.


Mel Ahyar – Tian Hou Dream

Tian Hou or “queen of heaven” entitle from Wu Zetian Empress as the only one empress who inspire women for lead, controlling and teaching the citizens. Dreams for the future, optimistic would be seen in modern couture dress with embellishment and also with touch of rooster symbol as a representative from fire rooster that explained the optimistic.


Rinaldy A. Yunardi – Cinta & Budaya Dinasti Tang

This collection inspired from Dynasty Tang as a prosperous Dynasty which have beautiful culture in Tiongkok story and also famous rhymes from Li Bai and Du Fu. In addition the famous painter like Han Gan, Zhang Xuan, and Zhou Fang comes from this emperor. The prosperous economic and social from this dynasty also enhance development in art and literature.


Sapto Djojokartiko

For this Spring Emperor installation, Sapto made a one piece dress on red colour that in china means prosperous. With design and oriental look cutting, this design has been seen like booming gardens.


Sebastian Gunawan – Queen Emperor of Dynasty Qing

Present collection with modern silhouette, this exclusive collection inspired by dynasty Qing that completely with cape in Oriental design which explaining China culture combining modern and traditional.


Stella Rissa – Modern Contemporary Grandeur

Cheong Sam shown from 20th year that intended for high-class women and socialite. A dress with body cutting on blue and red those mean prosperous combines with contemporary tosca color. The oriental cape is visible luxury.


Yogie Pratama – Yang Gui Fei

Yang Yu Huan is a Tang Xuan Zong Emperor lovely concubine from dynasty Tang. Yang Yu Huan known as Yang Gui Fei. In addition Yang Gui Fei who have talented person in dance and music. There is saying the beauty of Yang Gui Fei will make a flowers feeling embarrassed. Yang Gui Fei also the one and only beautiful women in Tiongkok story.


Prosperous Spring Decoration

In addition Spring Emperor installation, Senayan City also presents other dynasty Qing installation at ground floor. As a part of Prosperous Spring installation, Senayan City also collaborate with Indonesian illustrator present Exhibition Artwork Illustrator like Talitha Maranila with Tale of Moon Child theme and also with wood water color technic, Imelda Untoro collaborate with Arterous and also Atreyu Moniaga on Once Upon A Time In China concept in form of murals. The exhibition is take place at Exhibition room 1st floor that start from January 25 – February 28, 2017.


For Chinese New Year, Senayan City’s customer service team also dressed in oriental wardrobe that designed by Major Minor. Senayan City also provide fortune cookies for customers at counter customer service main lobby and south lobby, ground floor.


Prosperous Spring Performance

Prosperous Spring performance are Parade of Dynasty Emperor Warrior that shown King and Queen Parade including soldiers in dynasty China clothes, Swing of Empire, Red Umbrellas, Kai Men Hong, Thousand Hand of Goddess, Wushu heroes, Barongsai and Liong Spectacle, Oriental Mini Orchestra, Moonlight Symphony, Sunday Lounge, Silhouette and many more.


1000 Spring Grant Lucky Red

One of shopping program on Prosperous Spring are 1.000 Spring Grant Lucky Red that start from January 20 – February 5, 2017 at 10.30am – 21.30 pm and valid for first 50 customers every day on period of the program. With minimum purchase IDR 3.500.000 in one transaction, customers will get lucky angpao, and also others benefit like 1x photo with theme Dynasty Emperor as a customers experience at Tarzan photo booth, Main Atrium, 1st floor. For SCX Iconic member will get 2 chances Lucky Angpao that the prize won is the high-values. The prize are Iconic Diamond, Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali package, Chinese New Year dinner package from MING BY TUNGLOK, gadget and man more.


In addition, on 20-22 January 2017, Senayan City also giving 1 set exclusive Angpao for first 25 customers that join in this program and also 3 set exclusive Angpao for first 100 SCX Iconic member with minimum transaction IDR 10.000.000.


Abundance of Delights

SCX Iconic member can join Abudance of Delights program with special promo from Chinese restaurant in Senayan City such as MING BY TUNGLOK with additional discount 15% and The Duck King with discount 10% for buying Chinese New Year package. For The Duck King promo 10%, customers must be booking at (021) 72781223/24 until January 15, 2017. The Duck King also giving cash back voucher IDR 150.000 for first 10 customers with buying Chinese New Year hampers. This program start from January 27-19, 2017.



In Prosperous Spring program, Senayan City restaurant also giving special promo Chinese New Year such as Soba, The Duck King, MING by Tunglok, Coffee Club, Dapoer Podjok, Hakata Ikkousha, I-Tasuki, Nam Nam Noodle Bar, Remboelan Soul Food and Urban Kitchen.


Photo Competition Lunar New Year

Customers can join on Chinese Food Photo Competition and Liong Parade Photo Competition with upload your Chinese food photo with the story behind its photo. Tag instagram @senayancity with hastag #SCFOODIE #SCCNY #SENAYANCITY. Also, similar to Chinese Food Photo Competition, customer can also participate in Liong Parade Photo Competition by upload Liong Parade photo and share your story. And tag instagram @senayancity with hastag #SCLIONGPARADE #SCCNY #SENAYANCITY. This program Program valid until February 5, 2017 and favorite photos will get Senayan City shopping voucher.


Writing & Photo Competition 2016 Cycle III Winners Announcement

Senayan City have announced the winners of Senayan City Writing & Photo Competition 2016 cycle III that started from September 1 – Desember 31, 2016 with category such as phptp, article and video. All the works from the winners from every cycle will be exhibit in Writing & Photo Competition Exhibition 2016 on February 5 – 28, 2017 at 1st floor, Senayan City.


To appreciate all the printed and electronic media journalist, Senayan City held Senayan City Writing & Photo Competition 2017. This year, Senayan City adds up Blogger category for the participants. There is three categories such as Photo Category, Article Category, and Video Category. This competition is held in 2 seasons:


Competition’s Period


Season I

Januari 1 – June 30, 2017

July 10, 2017

Season II

July 1 – December 31, 2017

Januay 10, 2018

All the works of the winner from every season will be exhibit in Writing & Photo Competition Exhibition 2017 that will be held in Senayan City.

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